052: Red Cauliflower

So this is the end of chapter 2. What did you guys think, getting tense?
This 12 panel page was a mission. I tried to make it easy to read direction visually with the amount of light in each panel being loosely set to diagonals. My favorite panel is the second one in on the second row. Looks like Oscar is swimming, very majestic :3

Thanks to that awesome video ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield did (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff7oUycGJRY) I could reference liquids clinging to the object they’re saturating, which is amazing really to have this kind of resource.

I really feel that the zero-G blood looks like cauliflower heads… Just me? Ok…

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049: Buoyancy

A side note:The gravity mechanism in my mind works by each floor having some kind of mag booster, but the main magnetic pull comes from the base of the ship where there is a centrifuge-like machine creating a gravity field. This is separated into three spinning segments, and one is malfunctioning; which is why the gravity is out in one section of the ship. Not plot essential information, but in case any of you were interested. 

Link to process gif: https://www.patreon.com/posts/10052129

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048: Blood is Thicker

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I am proud of my advancement in implying/illustrating Oscar’s “Holo-D” device (“Holo-D” is abbreviated from “Hologram Device” so I just wrote one of my peeves, double words; like when someone says PIN number – urgh PIN is Personal Identification Number why did you say number number!? So, yes I said device device /rant).

Anyway, I really like the pace and composition of this page, although it took so very long to get it done.

046: Scurry

We’re fastly approaching the midway point for Volume 1!! My goal was to make this around 100 pages, but I’m now thinking it might be a little longer, we’ll see; pacing and slight script changes are very fluid with this – it’s fascinating for me seeing how much my scripting ability is developing with this.

Good news everyone! As I have been mentioning, I now have finished and replaced the prologues! I have also edited the first 4 pages after the prologue to tidy up some things. I really hope you like the new prologue, it definitely adds a new level of intrigue in my own opinion. The comic will still include a revamped version of the briefing – in fact I think I will work on that as the next interlude. So that I can maintain a level of intention for Oscar’s personality. So, Just head back to the first page to read the shiny new pages 🙂

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045: Hunter & Prey

Oh my, Oscar is really getting scared now. Let’s hope he’s ok.
Link to progress gif .

It took so much fussing to get all the perspectives to an acceptable level on this page; the creature was very hard to get to look natural in its movement, so much studying certain running movements to get it down.