046: Scurry

We’re fastly approaching the midway point for Volume 1!! My goal was to make this around 100 pages, but I’m now thinking it might be a little longer, we’ll see; pacing and slight script changes are very fluid with this – it’s fascinating for me seeing how much my scripting ability is developing with this.

Good news everyone! As I have been mentioning, I now have finished and replaced the prologues! I have also edited the first 4 pages after the prologue to tidy up some things. I really hope you like the new prologue, it definitely adds a new level of intrigue in my own opinion. The comic will still include a revamped version of the briefing – in fact I think I will work on that as the next interlude. So that I can maintain a level of intention for Oscar’s personality. So, Just head back to the first page to read the shiny new pages 🙂

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