053: No Man Is Indispensable

Haha, now its time for me to be a tease! You’ll have to wait for the interlude to conclude to see what has become of Oscar!
If you want me to get back to Oscar’s part a.s.a.p then, please support Orbit: encounter on Patreon

But in other news: look how clean and bright New Discovery is when it hasn’t been laid to waste for 5 years with skinny bald naked critters roaming around it 🙂 Also,I can really see how much my art skill has grown with this page. It’s always refreshing to notice. (Also, I have been practicing hard with Oscar’s face while I work on a micro chapter with no Oscar [shock-horror!] as I feel I got a bit lazy and made him too toony, I will show you some sketches soon :3)

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