126: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

What a classic Beatles tune!

This page was quite a challenge to design. Those 5 little panels in the bottom left – they were hard! To begin with I wanted there to be just be 4 panels from the aerial view – but after I re-read my script, I realised it was missing the urgency that I had put in the written description of the scene. So, I had to fix that. You can see that happen in the time lapse that will be attached to the WIP gif that’ll be posted next.

I mentioned in my recent patreon update, things are looking brighter than they had been recently, and continuing to do so ❤

I am currently struggling to juggle all my work commitments, so page posting may still be quite irregular. But unlike the past few months I am able to actually engage with the production of Orbit again, which is such a blessing!

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119: Hide & Seek

Hi everyone,

Apologies in the massive delay in posting a page update – I’ve been battling my executive dysfunction for most of last month, and then last week my ferret unfortunately needed to be put to sleep.

I’m trying to be better with my schedule, but it has been proving challenging. I’ve basically had to reset my daily routine and rebuild it from scratch to work out how much I can and can’t achieve on an average day.

Anyway, I have been using the new timelapse feature on ClipStudio pro. So now along with a process GIF for those who pledge $15+, you get a file attachment of the time lapse video!!

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117: I Ate His Liver with Some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti

I love how this page has turned out. The quality I achieved with the creature splash is very pleasing to me. I am also very pleased with the squint close-up I did of Oscar. This whole page has been a very good confidence boost for me.

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