126: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

What a classic Beatles tune!

This page was quite a challenge to design. Those 5 little panels in the bottom left – they were hard! To begin with I wanted there to be just be 4 panels from the aerial view – but after I re-read my script, I realised it was missing the urgency that I had put in the written description of the scene. So, I had to fix that. You can see that happen in the time lapse that will be attached to the WIP gif that’ll be posted next.

I mentioned in my recent patreon update, things are looking brighter than they had been recently, and continuing to do so ❤

I am currently struggling to juggle all my work commitments, so page posting may still be quite irregular. But unlike the past few months I am able to actually engage with the production of Orbit again, which is such a blessing!

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