Brief Hiatus

Hi everyone,

I feel I’m past due updating you on why there hasn’t been a page update in quite a while, and boy, where do I start?
So you know I ran a kickstarter campaign which was fantastically successful. Well, during that campaign I got struck with a middle ear infection in BOTH my ears, that lead to them BOTH rupturing and my not being very well at all for two weeks, and not really being able to hear for three+ weeks. Once recovered, I then struggled trying to get back up to date with everything I hadn’t been able to work on in that time (including the day job), when about 3-4 weeks ago my wife’s uncle past away after being suddenly struck by several heart attacks which meant he had to be put in ICU. His death was very untimely, and hit her family hard.

As I was meant to have the kickstarter campaign’s book content finished by this month, that has meant I’ve had to put the regular webcomic updates on hold until the kickstarter book content has at least finished being drawn.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and I hope to have you more updates mid to late November.

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