Pandemic Update

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all safe and well. Thank you for your patience, I have been far too distracted by covid-19 to be able to settle down and write an update for you all until now. The UK have finally declared a lockdown, I feel like a much less full of despair. I have been worried about the conventions I’m due to attend in the coming weeks, as they haven’t yet cancelled. I in all conscience can’t attend, as my wife, Speth, works with children who have complex needs so is classed as a key worker and thus I can’t risk catching the virus and making her sick. That meant that I would be sacrificing the money i had paid towards attending and the money lost in earnings. But now that the lockdown has been issued, I’m hopeful that the money won’t be lost, even if it is just with a rescheduling of the conventions to a later date.

Anyway all that aside, here is a page update. I am enjoying making this interlude despite it being quite a raw subject for me. As a kid I was belittled a lot for not being as academic as the majority of the class, and my dad was not the most ’emotionally stable’ when it came to parenting. I hope you are too. The scenes are tricky artistically, as the base colours I using feel very monotoned. This makes it harder for me to be inspired by it pre-shading, and means I’ll put it off.

I am hoping that the fact that I will be home much more means I’ll feel settled enough to start plowing through my current queue of commissions. I also might have an exciting job too!

Kariss signing off. STAY SAFE ALL.

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